All of the brands are authentic, official and contemporary.

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How can I buy in your Stores?

After registering in our platform, you will be able to access each brand’s shop and you can purchase directly from the brand.

What payment methods do the brands’ shops accept?

You can pay with credit card or Paypal. The payment goes directly to each brand.

Can I sum my orders into one?

Since each brand as its own independent shop, you have to purchase from each brand separately.

If I buy from different brands, can I pay for just one shipping cost?

Since each brand works individually and independently, the shipping costs must be paid separately at the check-out point.

Why do I need to register before I can view the price?

We like to offer exclusivity and unique, designer products to selectors like you, so we aim to keep it simple yet special.


How can I know my order has been received?

You will receive an automatic email informing that your order has been received and will be sent according to each brand’s specifications.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel it by sending a message to the brand’s email address (mentioned on your bill) with the order confirmation number and the reference of the product.

Are there any additional custom fees or taxes apart from shipping?

Custom fees and taxes depend on the customs department of each country.

My order is not complete, when can I expect the rest of the products?

Each brand has its own shipment timings. To find out when to expect delivery please consult the brand directly.


How can I return my order?

Within the first 2 days upon receiving your purchase, you can contact the brand directly (email address on your bill) and ask for a return or refund.

My order has been cancelled, when can I expect the refund?

You can expect the refund once the product is returned to the brand in perfect conditions.


If I have a question regarding returns and refunds, who should I contact?. Any questions concerning your order, returns, refunds and other questions regarding your purchase in any brand shop found in our Stores, you can contact the brand directly. Under “My Orders” in the Stores menu, you can access the invoice of your purchase, in it the contact details of the brand.

WE ARE SELECTERS aims to present, support and diffuse the work of contemporary brands as well as to offer you a good selection of products. All the brands in our Stores offer the highest quality products, efficient delivery and excellent service. We supervise all orders processed and are committed to give you the best customer service.