The Hunt T-shirt


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The Hunt T-shirt is part of Arctic series of three photo prints from Greenland. 

The Hunt print is under water Go-Pro photo of a successful seal hunt from the western part of Greenland. Seal hunting has been a part of the Inuit way of life for more than 4500 years, and still to this day plays a vital role in the survival of many parts of Greenland and other Inuit areas in Canada, Alaska and more. The seal is shot with a rifle and the death is instant. The inuit use pretty much everything from the seal, they eat the meat and use the fur/skin to make clothes and other useful items. The Greenlandic seal is in no way endangered with a population of more than 12 millions seals. This is pretty much the essence of sustainability.

T-shirt is UNISEX.

Produced in Portugal.


Material: 100%CO
Color: White
Sent from: Denmark